Summer Essentials With Olivia Rodriguez

We catch up with Californian babe and FAE muse Olivia Rodriguez and talk about her must-have summer essentials and how she is styling her FAE swim this Summer.

Where are you spending your Summer this year?
This summer I traveled to Seychelles, which are beautiful islands off the coast of East Africa and Tulum. Now, I split my time between Los Angeles for work, my apartment in Santa Barbara and my hometown, Encinitas.
Favourite FAE bikini?
The Gypsy top paired with the Zenith bottoms in every colour, especially the bright ones! The fit is so flattering and the cut of this bikini is what really made me fall in love with FAE. I could wear it everyday forever.
What can we find in your Summer wardrobe?
My Summer wardrobe of course consists of FAE bikinis, white cowgirl boots, matching biker shorts and sports bra sets, and Summer dresses.
How are you styling your FAE bikinis?
I have been styling my FAE bikinis with lots of layers of colourful jewelry, a hat and body oil (over sunscreen of course) for a nice tan!

What are your must-have summer essentials?
My must have summer essentials are Olaplex no. 6 for my hair, Dior lip glow oil, Supergoop Glow Screen, J. Crew claw clips, the REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush, pressed Juicery celery juice and my passport!
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