Chasing Summer with Raquel Dominique

Chasing Summer with Raquel Dominique

Chasing Summer with our FAE girls. We caught up with Californian babe Raquel Dominique.

Tell us a little bit about you, where are you from?
I was born and raised in Southern California. I grew up on a ranch and had the beach near me as well, so you could definitely say it was the best of both worlds!

Where are you spending your Summer this year?

This year I am spending my summer mostly in Los Angeles with a little bit of traveling as well. I love to take road trips especially to Big Sur, so I will be doing a lot of those!

Where is you ideal Summer destination?

My ideal summer vacation would be spending my days topless, tanning on the beaches in Europe. I would most definitely have many books on hand, an endless supply of wine and pasta, and spontaneous adventures to the countryside with lots of music and dancing involved.

What can we find in your Summer wardrobe?

You can always find loose fitting button ups in my summer wardrobe along with vintage dresses, and a ton of sunglasses. A staple item all year round for me is a simple baby tee because they go with everything!

What are you styling with your FAE pieces?

I love to style my FAE bikinis in so many different ways. A cute color coordinated button up thrown over the shoulders with some low rise shorts and sunglasses is perfect for a beach/lunch day! I also love any of the tops with some low rise baggy jeans, a belly chain, a slick back bun, and lots of complimentary jewelry!

What are your must-have Summer essentials?

My summer essentials could probably all fit into one bag! I always make sure I have sunglasses, books, paint, a bikini, a speaker, and a nice face mist to keep me refreshed. In fact I always keep a bag with this stuff in my car because I never know when I’ll need them.


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